Mary Jones, convict of the Broxbournebury 1814 and George Faughtley Wright, convict of the Somersetshire 1814

Mary Jones, was a convict from Middlesex, London, who arrived in Sydney aboard the Broxbournebury on 28 July 1814. George Wright, also from London, arrived on the convict ship Somersetshire on 16 October, 1814. They are the 4 x Great Grandparents of my husband Geoff Rundle. Mary and George had one daughter, Mary Fautley Wright 1815-1888, and four sons, George R. Faulty Wright 1817-1879, William F. Wright 1818-1872, Thomas Wright 1824-1885 and James Faughtley Wright 1826-1889. New South Wales and

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William Brown – A Proud Australian 1804-1864

William Brown was the Great-great-great-grandfather of my husband Geoff Rundle. I started my family research several years ago, and no part of our Rundle family tree has given me more interest than that of the Brown and Stewart line in my husband’s ancestry. I am pleased to be able to write up the story of William Brown’s life, relying on records, newspaper clippings, publications, websites and confirmation of his extended family from grave inscriptions at Camperdown Cemetery. I admire William

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