The Patterson Family of Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia Chapter One

The Patterson Family of Bathurst New South Wales, The Early Years (1887-1914) and Sydney (1915-1942) including an account of Alfred Andew Patterson (1859-1932), head gardener of Machattie Park, Bathurst, from 1890-1907. My husband Geoff Rundle never knew his maternal grandfather, Alfred Walter Patterson, who married Sylvia Lenore Farrell on 20 December 1915 at St Michael’s Church, Surry Hills. It was explained by my husband’s mother, Valmae “Val” Lenore Rundle nee Patterson, that her father, Alfred Walter Patterson had died from

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The Griffin Family of Knockbrack, Brosna, Kerry, Ireland

The Griffin Family of New South Wales and of Knockbrack, Brosna, Kerry, Ireland Having completed two family chapters on The Patterson family of New South Wales and Sweden, I was now ready to write up my research into my husband Geoff Rundle’s great grandmother Margaret Mary Griffin, the wife of Alfred Andrew Patterson. The Griffin family was amongst my earliest and most successful areas of Irish research, during the formative years of my genealogical research. Nine years later I am

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