Charles Farrell of Mullingar, Athlone and Dublin, Ireland

Charles Farrell is my husband Geoffrey Philip Farrell Rundle’s 3 x great grandfather and it has been an honour for me to undertake this Irish research on his behalf. As with all my family research my goal has been to take our family back to its origins in an attempt to find where we came from, and in which villages our family lived. My earliest endeavor for the Farrell family came up with an amazing connection for Charles Farrell in

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The Farrell Family of Port Macquarie and Sydney, New South Wales

This chapter our my family history is about Charles Farrell of Mullingar, Ireland; Sydney and Port Macquarie, NSW; his wife Charlotte Meredith, the daughter of Frederick Meredith, a steward to the captain aboard the First Fleet, and their son Colonel William Thomas Farrell and his descendants. When my husband, Geoffrey Philip Farrell Rundle attended The King’s School at Parramatta in Sydney in the 1970’s one of his teachers told him that if he had two middle names then one of

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James Kidd of Fifeshire, Scotland and Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I hope this factual account about finding James Kidd’s grave inspires others to locate their ancestors amongst the historic graves of Camperdown Cemetery here in Sydney. In writing the story about James Kidd’s life, I realised that I needed to delve deeper into his past, find out who his parents were, where he came from and how and why he came to be transported as a convict to Australia. In this quest I have uncovered an outstanding Australian citizen. My

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