The Moar Family of The Shetland Islands

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George Moar from the Shetland Islands I always knew my grandmother Lavinia “Winnie” Fuller’s maiden name was Moar, just as I knew her birthday was 27 July 1888, and that she was born in Lyttelton, New Zealand. These facts were drilled into me from childhood by my mother, Lavinia “Vena” Robson nee Fuller. Visits to South Head Cemetery over the years, saw my grandfather, Johnny Fuller head up a list of names on the Fuller headstone. There was an inscription

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The Dodridge Family of Devon

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THE DODRIDGE AND GALSWORTHY FAMILIES OF DEVON A Family history about my mother, Lavinia Fuller’s family in Devon, England. I wish to dedicate this chapter of my family history to Ingrid Curwood, an experienced, dedicated and talented researcher. Without Ingrid’s help and collaboration, this part of my family tree would have remained unsolved. I want to thank the two Lavinia Chrystal’s, my intrepid researchers in the field for their enthusiasm in visiting so many villages, churches and graveyards, recording their

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Finding the grave of Harriett Fuller at Abney Park Cemetery, London, England

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  FINDING HARRIETT FULLER’S GRAVE Abney Park, London – September 2016 In recent years both Scott Fuller and Lavinia Chrystal have visited Abney Park on several occasions to try and find our great grandmother Harriett Fuller’s grave. However her unmarked Pauper’s grave position in the cemetery remains lost to the family after the 1907 visit of her son Johnny Fuller. Scottie and Lavinia have poured over old maps and traipsed the cemetery in this quest. I firstly decided to find

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The Cranwill, Smith and Colley Family of Ballycanew, Wexford, Ireland, PART TWO

The Cranwill, Smith and Colley Families of Ballycanew, Wexford, Ireland Including Geoff and Virginia Rundle’s Tour of Ireland, August and September 2016 Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Dead in Ireland by Rev. Ffrench In 2014 I came across an old book that had been uploaded to the internet, called the Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Dead in Ireland by the Rev. J Ffrench of Clonegal, which included a chapter describing the John

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Charles Farrell of Ireland

Charles Farrell of Mullingar, Athlone and Dublin, Ireland Charles Farrell is my husband Geoffrey Philip Farrell Rundle’s 3 x great grandfather and it has been an honour for me to undertake this Irish research on his behalf. As with all my family research my goal has been to take our family back to its origins in an attempt to find where we came from, and in which villages our family lived. My earliest endeavor for the Farrell family came up

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The Farrell Family

Charles Farrell of Mullingar, Ireland; Sydney and Port Macquarie, NSW; His wife Charlotte Meredith, the daughter of Frederick Meredith and their son Colonel William Thomas Farrell and his descendants When my husband, Geoffrey Philip Farrell Rundle attended The King’s School at Parramatta in Sydney in the 1970’s one of his teachers told him that if he had two middle names then one of them was probably a significant family name. Geoff’s father was Philip, so that accounted for one of the

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The Murray Family of Limerick

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THE MURRAY FAMILY OF LIMERICK, IRELAND I had a lot of trouble pinning down my Great Great Grandmother, Ellen Frances Matilda Murray, and my earliest research found only her death notice from The Argus newspaper and her Australian Death Index. At first, I wrongly assumed that Ellen may have been the daughter of early settlers to Victoria and I probably wasted a good deal of time searching Australian records at this time, and eventually came to a dead end. Death

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