The Patterson Family of Bathurst, Chapter Two (1915-1960)

The Patterson Family of Bathurst, Chapter Two (1915-1960)

My continuing family history about the Patterson family of Bathurst, New South Wales begins with the tragic death of Margaret Patterson. The obituary of Mrs A. A. Patterson shows that poor Margaret died suddenly on 17 March 1920 in Bathurst, whilst sitting in her buggy in front of Mr. E. J. Gartrell’s baker’s shop in William Street. The newspaper records that Margaret had been residing with her son Thomas Patterson of Roselea, Kelso, who was the Hon. Secretary of the Executive Council of the Progressive Party. It was disappointing that nothing was mentioned about Margaret’s Griffin family. It was interesting that Roselea, Kelso was also the home of Alfred Walter Patterson and his wife Sylvia, as mentioned in the birth notice of their daughter Lorna Margaret Patterson in 2 December 1916 in the Sydney Morning Herald. However, by 1919 Alfred Andrew Patterson and his family had moved to Sydney and had settled in Bondi Road, Waverley, where their son Alfred Hughes “Bill” Patterson was born.

Death of Mrs. A. A. Patterson, 19 March 1920, Leader

Death Notice for Margaret Mary Patterson of Roselea, Kelso, 22 March 1920, Sydney Morning Herald (blurred)

Funeral of Margaret Mary Patterson of Kelso, 18 Mar 1920, National Advocate,

Headstone of Margaret Mary Patterson 14 April 1862-17 March 1922, Bathurst General Cemetery, Catholic Section, from Rundle Photo Collection

Headstone of Mary Griffin, died 28 February 1922, Bathurst General Cemetery, Catholic Section, from the Rundle Photo Collection

It was incredibly heartening for Geoff and me to discover that Margaret Mary Patterson was buried beside her sister Mary Griffin’s grave in Bathurst Cemetery. This was not something I had been expecting and I had fretted that Margaret was buried alone in Bathurst, however once I discovered the beautiful twin graves, I was filled with gladness and relief.

Headstones of sisters, Margaret Mary Patterson and Mary Griffin, Bathurst General Cemetery, Catholic Section, from the Rundle Photo Collection

24 November 1923, National Advocate

It was upsetting to find newspaper articles from December 1923 showing that Alfred Andrew Patterson sued his own son Thomas Vincent Patterson, resorting to the NSW court system to gain his share of profits from his son’s half share in a property at Kelso, Bathurst. The headline “Father Sues Son” from the Daily Telegraph summed up the sad situation. My only thoughts were that at least this action was after Margaret Mary Patterson’s death, to save her this anguish between father and son.

4 December 1923, Sydney Morning Herald

Father Sues Son, 4 December 1923, Daily Telegraph

I managed to find an Australian Electoral Roll for Thomas Vincent Patterson living at Roselea, Kelso. This was the property that must have been originally purchased by Alfred Andrew Patterson, sometime after his resignation as head gardener at Machattie Park. The arrangement of a half share in the property to his son Thomas Vincent Patterson, was where he worked as an orchardist.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1930, Bathurst NSW for Thomas Vincent Patterson, orchardist, Roselea, Kelso

Thomas Vincent Patterson never married. It would seem that Thomas Vincent Patterson was the only member of the Patterson family to stay in Bathurst. It was therefore only natural that he then lived in the family home Roselea at Kelso, and as an orchardist he tended the apple orchards at Fortuna. Thomas lived at Roselea, Kelso, right up until his death on 26 October 1964. During my research, I discovered that Thomas was a frequent and keen overseas traveller and tourist. It was also wonderful to see that Thomas found it in his heart to forgive his father and that he was very proud of his father’s achievement in creating and designing Machattie Park. However, the fact remains that for decades Alfred Andrew Patterson’s name was not recognised by Bathurst Shire Council on any plaque or memorial.

Another son, Will Patterson also realised this oversight. Many letters were written in an attempt to try and correct this omission, but incredibly it was not until May 1958 that finally, Alfred Andrew Patterson’s name appeared on the gates of Machattie Park honouring his work, achievements and design. Later in this chapter I will recount this accomplishment.

23 February 1924, Bathurst Times

15 July 1925, National Advocate

Sydney Anglican Parish Registers, 1814-2011, Marriage of Alfred Andrew Patterson and Emma Elizabeth Cook 20 December 1927

It was most interesting to find this original marriage record for Alfred Andrew Patterson, widower, aged 68 of 23 Mona Road, Darling Point and Emma Elizabeth Cook, spinster, aged 64. For the first time I now had firm information regarding Alfred Andrew Patterson’s deceased parents, who were listed on this document as Andrew Patterson, farmer and Margaret Carlson, thus relegating to the dustbin of history another family myth, told to me by my mother-in-law Valmae Lenore Patterson, that Alfred’s mother was the sister of Jenny Lind, famously known as the Swedish Nightingale.

17 July 1932, Sydney Morning Herald

Funeral of Alfred Andrew Patterson, 19 July 1932, Sydney Morning Herald

21 July 1932, Grenfell Record

Headstone of Alfred Andrew Patterson died 17 July 1932, Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium, photo courtesy of Helen Leek Photo Collection

A simple inscription is written on the headstone stating “Machattie Park Bathurst, His Design His Monument”

In the same grave is a plaque to Emma Elizabeth Patterson, died 14 March 1954, Aged 90 years, Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium, photo courtesy of Helen Leek Photo Collection

22 July 1932, South Coast Times

Edward Patrick Bathurst Patterson (1892-1962) was the son of Alfred Andrew Patterson (1859-1932) and Margaret Mary Griffin (1862-1920), he married Lily Eva Hay (-1962) in 1924 in Hurstville, Sydney and they had no children.

Very little can be found about Edward Bathurst Patterson and his time in Wollongong. It has been explained to me that Edward and his wife changed their names to Henderson some time during the mid 1930’s. They continued to live in the Wollongong area and their names are recorded in the 1858 Australian Electoral Rolls as Edward Charles Henderson and Lily Eva Henderson of 23 Rosemont Street, Cunningham, Wollongong.

Australia Marriage Index, 1788-1949

Name: Edward B Patterson
Spouse Name: Lily E Hay
Marriage Date: 1924
Marriage Place: New South Wales
Registration Place: Hurstville, New South Wales
Registration Year: 1924
Registration Number: 10912

Lily Eva Henderson died on 4 April 1962 and Edward Charles Henderson died on 2 September 1962 aged 71. Edward’s death notice was published in the Illawarra Mercury on 4 September 1962. The couple are buried at Unanderra Cemetery, Wollongong.

7 July 1932, National Advocate

A Modern Cottage for Thomas Patterson of Kelso, 5 April 1936, National Advocate

Kelso home of Thomas Vincent Patterson, image courtesy of Helen Leek Photo Collection

Kelso property of Thomas Vincent Patterson, Courtesy of Helen Leek Photo Collection

In the distance in this photograph the apple orchard of Thomas Vincent Patterson is evident as well as electricity poles, meaning that Thomas’ wait to be added to the grid was successful.

26 September 1936, National Advocate (blurred)

30 November 1937, Sydney Morning Herald

It was wonderful to be able to pick up Letters to the Editor written by Alfred Andrew Patterson’s sons, involving themselves in Machattie Park and its history. Thomas and Will Patterson realised that their father had not been honoured for his contribution to the creation of the park, its beauty and its success, which was so widely celebrated. Clearly Will Patterson wanted a plaque placed in the park in recognition of his father’s services.

Machattie Park Jubilee, 10 August 1938, National Advocate (blurred)

26 October 1938, National Advocate

Less than a year later, plans for the Jubilee Celebration of Machattie Park were well under way, however, no decision was forthcoming regarding a commemoration for Andrew A. Patterson.

A public meeting was held with Thomas Patterson declaring the park shabby, saying it “needs thousands of pounds to put it in order.” A Council plan to use the Jubilee as a money raiser for the band raised Thomas Patterson’s ire, when he claimed that any money raised should be put towards improvements for the park. However the Council determined to go ahead and put any raised money towards new band instruments, claiming that they must support the park curator, Mr W.H. Kefford and his submission in this regard. An amendment later passed in which the first thousand pounds raised would go towards the instruments and any further moneys raised would be put towards the park.

10 August 1939, National Advocate

Thomas Patterson Letter to the Editor, 24 December 1952, National Advocate

31 December 1952, National Advocate

3 January 1953, National Advocate

10 January 1953, National Advocate

Bathurst Council Park Committee to meet Mr Thomas Patterson of Kelso, 29 January 1953, National Advocate

Letter from Bathurst City Council to Mr Thomas Patterson of Fortuna, Kelso, 16 May 1958, kindly supplied by Bathurst City Council

At last, Bathurst Council resolved to take action and erect a plaque at the corner Machattie Park, George and Keppel Streets, Bathurst in honour to the talent and dedication of Alfred Andrew Patterson, a loyal and faithful servant of Bathurst. It was so pleasing for me to see that Thomas Patterson was still alive to witness a lifelong wish be granted for his father’s beloved Machattie Park and all his earnest endeavours come to fruition.

Plaque dedicated to Alfred Andrew Patterson, Machattie Park, His Design – His Memorial, Corner of George and Keppel Streets, Bathurst, Rundle Photo Collection

Beautiful Norway, 20 July 1953, National Advocate

Mr. Tom Patterson in Sweden, 27 July 1953, National Advocate

Tight Packing Loses Us Fruit Sales, 15 January 1954, Farmer and Settler

It was interesting to see that Thomas Patterson used Fortuna as his address for his apple orchard at Bathurst.

Andrew William Patterson (1888-1949) was the son of Alfred Andrew Patterson and Margaret Mary Griffin, he married Annie Jane Hensbergh (1883-1951) in 1919 at Murrumburrah, New South Wales and had two daughters, Margaret Joyce Patterson (1920-2001) and Betty Jean Patterson (1922-2008)

Andrew “Will” Patterson lived at Roselea, Kelso, however, after his mother, Margaret died in 1920, Andrew and Annie Patterson moved to Orange and for a time they lived with his widowed father Alfred Andrew Patterson, before he moved to Sydney and remarried. Will Patterson, his wife Annie and young daughters, Margaret and Betty, settled in Orange where Will became the local newsagent at Summer Street, in the township.

Will Patterson also involved himself in many community and civic activities; a member of the P & C Association, the Orange Cricket Association as well as being a keen tennis and golf player in the district. Through his newsagency business he was also involved in publishing many fine local pamphlets, books and magazines. He prided himself as a newsagent in obtaining the most up to date publications available from Sydney and overseas. He also very generously donated prizes and trophies to the many and various local organisations in Orange. He was also appointed a Justice of the Peace for the Orange area.

1 August 1949, National Advocate

Death notice for Andrew William Patterson, 1 August 1949, Sydney Morning Herald

Death notice for Annie Jane Patterson, 30 July 1951, Sydney Morning Herald (blurred)

I then found some newspaper clippings which give a good idea about the good citizen and exemplary community leader that Andrew William Patterson was. He was proud of his historic links to both Orange and Bathurst especially with his father’s connection to both Cook and Machattie Parks. He was also an inveterate letter writer, giving wonderful clues about his personality and the depth of his involvement in local matters.

Orange East P and C Association, 20 November 1921, Leader

19 October 1928, Dubbo Liberal

21 March 1930, NSW Government Gazette

King’s Biography, 11 March 1936, Leader

Letter to Editor, 6 October 1936, Sydney Morning Herald

Rivalry between Bathurst and Orange, 14 November 1938, Leader

Post War Population, 21 March 1941, Sydney Morning Herald

Ison-Patterson Engagement, 14 January 1946, Sydney Morning Herald

Betty Jean Patterson (1922-2008), daughter of Andrew William Patterson and Annie Jane Hensbergh, moved to Sydney to pursue her nursing career. On 15 December 1961, Betty married Dr. Reginald Bowman (1922-2007) at All Saints Church, Woollahra. They lived in Bellevue Hill, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and had one daughter Jane Bowman.

Betty Bowman was a keen golfer and a good friend of my mother, Vena Robson and we were all members of the same golf club in Rose Bay. Reg and Betty Bowman came to Geoff’s and my marriage at St Mark’s Church, Darling Point on 23 February 1979 and we remained good friends up until her death in 2008.

I look forward to hearing from any Patterson or Griffin family descendant who finds my chapters online and may have some further information, photographs or memorabilia to add to my online history.

Virginia Rundle

31 January 2021


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Thanks also to Helen Leek for her photographs at Macquarie Park of the Patterson grave

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Crematorium online lookup

Australian Garden History: Journal of the Australian Garden History Society Vol 19 No 3, Nov/Dec 2007 (just as I had finished writing up my research, I found this online article mentioning A.A. Patterson, although not illustrated, it mostly corroborates my findings):


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