The Fuller Family Fortunes

The Fuller Fortunes 1899 to 1904 The beginning of 1899 was marked by a decision to take the Fuller Myriorama Company to Australia, and Melbourne was picked as the first destination for the family. Ben and John were more business minded that Walter who was happy to let other members of the family make these decisions. He was a gentle and gifted musician who just wanted to play music and direct an orchestra. His brothers on the other hand were

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The Fuller Family Myriorama Company 1895 to 1898

  John Fuller’s Myriorama Through Ireland on a Jaunting Car, image courtesy of Australian National Gallery and Trove Digitised Images. 1895 was the year when the rest of John Fuller’s children, Walter, Benjamin and Lydia arrived in Auckland, New Zealand for the family reunion that John Fuller Snr had so anticipated and longed for. Early in 1895 John Fuller went on tour to Australia with the Continentals, visiting both Adelaide and Melbourne. The South Australian Register 16 February 1895 Express

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John Fuller in Australia 1889-1892 & New Zealand 1893-1894

  John Fuller Snr, my Great Grandfather and his second wife May Matilda “Ma” Cryer, are married for a little over a year when John leaves London for Australia, after being offered a place in the touring London Pavilion Company, organised by F. E Hiscock of Sydney. John had apparently been offered a position with the Company a few years earlier, but due to his difficult family situation, after being recently widowed, he had reluctantly turned down the offer. Now

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The Moar Family of The Shetland Islands

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George Moar from the Shetland Islands I always knew my grandmother Lavinia “Winnie” Fuller’s maiden name was Moar, just as I knew her birthday was 27 July 1888, and that she was born in Lyttelton, New Zealand. These facts were drilled into me from childhood by my mother, Lavinia “Vena” Robson nee Fuller. Visits to South Head Cemetery over the years, saw my grandfather, Johnny Fuller head up a list of names on the Fuller headstone. There was an inscription

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The Dodridge Family of Devon

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THE DODRIDGE AND GALSWORTHY FAMILIES OF DEVON A Family history about my mother, Lavinia Fuller’s family in Devon, England. I wish to dedicate this chapter of my family history to Ingrid Curwood, an experienced, dedicated and talented researcher. Without Ingrid’s help and collaboration, this part of my family tree would have remained unsolved. I want to thank the two Lavinia Chrystal’s, my intrepid researchers in the field for their enthusiasm in visiting so many villages, churches and graveyards, recording their

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Finding the grave of Harriett Fuller at Abney Park Cemetery, London, England

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  FINDING HARRIETT FULLER’S GRAVE Abney Park, London – September 2016 In recent years both Scott Fuller and Lavinia Chrystal have visited Abney Park on several occasions to try and find our great grandmother Harriett Fuller’s grave. However her unmarked Pauper’s grave position in the cemetery remains lost to the family after the 1907 visit of her son Johnny Fuller. Scottie and Lavinia have poured over old maps and traipsed the cemetery in this quest. I firstly decided to find

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The Northey Family of Cornwall, England PART TWO

The Northey Family from Cornwall, England PART TWO GWITHIAN IN CORNWALL      Lighthouse at Gwithian     St Ives Bay, Gwithian                                   St Gothian, Gwithian. Images of the church and surrounds are courtesy of Lavinia Chrystal Several researchers have Amey Hockin in their family trees as having been born in Gwithian, Cornwall and baptised on 18 September 1768, the daughter of John and Amey Hockin.

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The Northey Family of Cornwall, England

The Northey Family from Cornwall My early research into the Northey family began with a need to understand why the family migrated to New Zealand aboard the Mary Shepherd in 1873. I thought at the time it would be a simple matter of finding the family in Cornwall, and I didn’t really expect much more information to be available. As I wrote in my previous chapter The Northey Family of Lyttelton, New Zealand, I quickly found the English census for

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The Northey Family of Lyttelton, New Zealand and Martha’s Secret

My earliest research endeavours on the Fuller Family were encouraged by my sister Lavinia Chrystal, who was keen for me to trace back the traditions of naming daughters Lavinia on the maternal side of our family, and to find out how far back this tradition had occurred. We were always told it went right back to Cornwall in England, where there were loads of  daughters named Lavinia. It is a fact that my niece, sister, cousin, mother, grandmother and great

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